For over a decade the concept of shared parenting during or after divorce has been the topic of many studies by professional and
renown experts. Over one hundred studies have concluded that shared parenting is the ultimate solution for children of divorce and
is in their best interest. Divorce traumatizes all families, but its effects can be especially damaging for children and to society as well.
For over two decades, OVW and other government agencies have spent more than 25 billion dollars on studies that have failed to
stem the tide of domestic violence and maltreatment of children. Those government agencies have not only never funded any studies
on shared parenting as a concept that could minimize domestic violence but have funded opposition when the concept was
introduced for enactment as a law in many states.
Worthy and respectful nonprofit organizations such as “National Parents Organization” and “Leading Women for shared Parenting”
have honest and dedicated people that volunteer their time and efforts to make a presumption of shared parenting the law in every
state. God bless them and their valiant efforts to fight for the welfare of
all children.

A few years ago, I published an article titled “
The Enemies of Shared Custody”. The article revealed that VAWA/OVW was one of the
three major opponents. Unfortunately, no support or opposition was ever stated publicly, and the reasons are obvious. OVW is so
richly funded by tax dollars through VAWA, has so much political clout and so much access to publicity through its more than 5000
affiliated nonprofit organizations that opposing its dictatorial mandates seems like a daunting and impossible task. Again, fighting
OVW is an arduous and uphill battle even when the cause is in the best interest of children. I will state emphatically that if proponents
of shared parenting don’t acknowledge that VAWA/OVW is its enemy, then be prepared to fight an endless and fruitless battle to
change the culture of parenting after divorce in order to help rather than abandon millions of children.


Again, the harbinger of OVW’s opposition to shared parenting was established during a 1998 strategy session by the nonprofit
organization called “National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges” and funded by OVW.  The participants concluded…”
Some states still have friendly parent provisions or joint custody presumptions embedded in their statutes. Unfortunately, these laws
place battered women at risk of losing custody altogether or sharing joint custody with a batterer. Either outcomes places women and
children at risk for further violence. In states where joint custody presumptions exist, the rational seems to be a mistaken assumption
that children always need contact with both parents and that batterers are not dangerous”.

The above statement by NCJFCJ and OVW in 1998 was not based on any study or statistic.  Not only did they fail to provide proof
but part of the statement is blatantly false: in 1998, no state had a joint custody presumption law. If you don’t believe that their
conclusion was a preemptive strike for future strategy to oppose shared parenting, read the article “Why mothers lose custody”.  
OVW never funded any study on shared parenting and their opposition was strictly based on anecdotal data and the statements by
the participants. Ten years later NCFFCJ published “
A Judicial Guide to Child Safety in Custody Cases” developed under OVW grant
number 2005-WT-AX-K016. Sure sounds like the guide was tailored to promote the 1998 conclusion and used as a preemptive strike
to oppose shared parenting.

Connect the dots to
Center for Judicial Excellence articles such as “Divorce Child Homicide Data…” or “A gendered trap: When
mothers allege child abuse by fathers, the mothers often lose custody”. Someone in Congress had better start questioning OVW’s
approach, studies and the nonprofit organizations funded by VAWA tax dollars. The government’s grants to NCJFCJ and other
prominent non-profits are extremely outlandish and self-serving when compared to the private meager funding in the coffers of
legitimate and dedicated non-profits like “Leading women for Shared Parenting” and/or “
National Parents Organization” that are
fighting to protect children of divorce by proposing laws that would make a presumption of shared parenting the law in the USA.

Armed with the knowledge that VAWA is based primarily on a radical feminist ideology, this website will show that the reform needed
is (1) complete rewrite of VAWA and (2) dismantling and reconstructing OVW. The new goal is to protect all women, all men and most
importantly all children from violence and abuse… and, reassess the financial cost to ensure success.
That said, mission goal for this website will be…PROVE THAT IF THE REFORM OF VAWA/OVW IS NOT IMMINENT:

  (1)  Violence against women, men and especially children will not be eradicated and will remain an epidemic.

  (2)  Parental Alienation will continue unabated.

  (3)  Billions of tax dollars will be spent needlessly.

  (4)  Millions of children will be subjected to abandonment and emotional damage.

  (5)  A presumption of shared parenting law will never be totally enacted.

  (6)  The legacy for our children will be the continuance of a destructive gender war with no future.

Just the fact that most Restraining Orders are granted on the basis on a “Better safe than sorry” approach is sufficient to prevent any
form of remedy from working or helping any or all of the children abandoned and suffering from this failed process.
All written material, graphic images and Original art work copyrighted 2021 by Robert G. Leclair