Violence and divorce issues for the past 50 years.
His experiences have enabled him to research and
write a book exposing many of the fallacies and
failures of the current Department of Justice to
eradicate domestic violence and fashion a divorce
process that protects families and children. His
writings and unique approach have been published
and available online for many years .

He has served for several years as the president of
Fathers United for Equal Justice a 501(3)c
corporation dedicated to assisting families
negotiating the tangled web of domestic violence
and divorce laws which are often written so badly
that they are pointless and detrimental, while
advocating for sensible legislative initiatives that
invite real reform.

Bob's writings have been on display in the press
and for 50 years he has tirelessly documented the
flawed justice system as it relates to his field of

Bob has been on the forefront of Domestic