Dear President Biden,                                                                                         February 2021
Senators and members of Congress

My research, experience and work compel me, in good conscience, to reveal the fact that our country
suffers from an unparallel epidemic that has been totally ignored and the issue constantly
avoided…and will remain an epidemic until you, our leaders, can see the difference between a false
ideology and a humanitarian tragedy.

Let me cut through the chafe and go right to the critical issue. For over 2 decades you have
implemented and supported the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) which is extremely flawed and
has been criticized by many, including women who have a clear sense of justice.  
Studies that capture the essence of the issues have debunked numerous myths and the cries of
millions of children who have suffered from collateral emotional damage and are pleading for drastic
intercession. You have also authorized the Office of Violence Against Women (OVW) a federal
agency under the Department of Justice whose policies and procedures are based on a radical
feminist ideology. You have spent billions of tax dollars and now a yearly expense of over 1.5 billion
dollars that OVW and thousands of affiliated and funded nonprofits are spending on a false ideology
and programs that are failing.

Why am I so adamant and blunt about this critical issue?  I have witnessed the damage to our society
for the past 45 years, to families and family values and especially to millions of children. You may not
believe it, but we now see the results of the collateral damage to our American culture and values. As
matter of fact, I fear this failure more than I fear the threat of ISIS or the riots in the USA.
I am 90 years old and my journey is almost over. I have a son, a daughter, and grandchildren which  
love dearly. My daughter was a victim of domestic violence and I witnessed a flawed and failed
restraining order process. I feared the judge’s decision more than the perpetrator.  I cannot idly stand
aside without expressing my views about the devastation and its major cause.
If you care for this country its values and the future of millions of children verify my evidence and
conclusions and act quickly and decisively to prevent any further collateral damage: VAWA must be
rewritten and OVW dismantled and restructured to protect children, women, and men against
domestic violence and in that order of priority.

The attached articles illustrate some of the data-based evidence linking OVW to its failures. More and
perfectly clear evidence is revealed in my book “Domestic Violence USA-- You Can’t call the Bullet
Back” available on my website “”.


Robert G Leclair       USAF Veteran (1951-1955)