By Robert G. Leclair

Thousands of studies on domestic violence have been funded by OVW and many were privately sponsored.and conducted by members of
academia. Most related statistics if not all, were based on random interviews, polls, surveys and/or anecdotal data. Many statistics were adapted
from those generated by the Department of Justice; however, the US Bureau of Justice statistics also relies on survey sampling.  The Bureau has
even developed a software program on conducting telephone interviews to obtain crime statistics, including those for domestic violence.


Many of the misleading or false statics have led to misguided or erroneous conclusions.


  • The Restraining Order /Protective Order process is critically flawed. It does not protect the women that desperately need protection and
    often needlessly destroys men and devastates children.  Many if not most judges handling domestic violence restraining order cases are
    forced into routinely violating their oath of office.

  • The judicial process is on the verge of total collapse, the truth is no longer paramount in judicial decisions on restraining orders . The
    Restraining Order process is a civil complaint and not a criminal complaint in most cases. However, most complaints are issued at a judicial
    hearing based on allegations of criminal behavior or criminal acts without the benefit of due process.

  • In Massachusetts alone, for the past 5 years we had a total of 230,000 males abusing women.

  • Most domestic violence statistics are based on surveys, polls or random interviews rather than evaluations based on
  • court case

  • Most domestic violence solutions are agenda and gender driven by the federal government and supported by billions
  • of tax dollars.

  • Many publicly stated and commonly believed statistics actually come from studies that are entirely based on other
  • studies.

  • Higher courts are protective of all judges even when they err or seem to denigrate plaintiffs or defendants.

  • President Obama and Vice President Biden are clueless when it comes to VAWA and the path taken by its
  • administrative Office on Violence Against Women  (OVW).

  • Federal and state governments have created a new economic group…”the middle class poor”. They continue to
  • overlook or minimize two major factors that contribute significantly to the fall or recovery of the economy

  • The War on poverty cannot be won unless a major cause is no longer ignored by politicians and is addressed: divorce
  • and restraining orders.

  • Males who murder their wives and sometimes their children always do it because of a deep-rooted jealousy or intense
  • desire to control.

  • The Democrats and Republicans have formed a bipartisan alliance and agreed to fund and waste billions of
  • dollars to support OVW's approach to end domestic violence and protect women from abuse.

  • Domestic violence has become a lucrative business that has created a huge  corporate industry financed by our  
  • taxes.

  • Domestic violence is now a war waged on women by a patriarchal society.

  • Both parties are also partially responsible for the demise of the family and its values.
  • Military veterans (male or female) with PTSD, Traumatic Brain injury or severe physical injuries are not
  • adversely affected by OVW policies  and procedures.

NOTE: Answers to this fact or fiction survey are included in this website or in my book "Domestic Violence: Restraining Orders A Flawed
Process" that is in the process of being restructured for publication.
All written material, graphic images and Original art work copyrighted 2021 by Robert G. Leclair