I am sick, tired, disgusted, and mad as hell!

Hypocrisy, deceit and lies seem to be the norm in Washington politics with Democrats and Republicans pointing fingers at each other. When one party
attracts and adopts a radical group’s agenda and ideology then that party seems to flourish and win its fight. The major example of this radical corruption is
revealed in the history of the Violence Against Women ACT (VAWA) and its administration arm the Office of Violation Against Women (OVW). Radical
movements in the U.S. seem to fall under the radar and escape the scrutiny of the silent majority, wreak havoc with the public, and damages the country until
the public and honest politicians wake up and fight back to defend the U.S. Constitution. Politicians seem to think that it is always the case that gentleman
should be able to agree to disagree…often it is more the case of the difference between right and wrong or good vs evil.

The enclosed articles expose one of the major issues plaguing our country and the immediate need of attention and reform. In the long run, this may turn out
to be the crisis of the century by creating a gender war for our children. I am not afraid to place blame and point fingers because for over forty years I have
researched and studied domestic violence’s history. My new book will be free on the website “” to anyone interested in
eliminating domestic violence and finding out why the government’s multi-billion-dollar tax-funded agency, VAWA/OVW, authorized by Bill Clinton and then
senator Joe Biden in 1994 has been an abject failure. However, Hillary Clinton has praised this agency as the savior of all women who have suffered from
violence and abuse doled out by a patriarchal society. History reveals a far different portrayal of its successes, failure far more suited to empower women
than eliminate domestic violence. Empowering women is a worthwhile goal but not if it is at the expense of eliminating domestic violence. OVW’s solution
and approach has never prevented the killing or abuse of a woman, the killing or maltreatment of children, or the killing and abuse of men, no matter how
disproportionate the number.



                   DOMESTIC VIOLENCE
                                                                                        THE ILLUSIVE TRUTH… EXPOSED

Let me be blunt, to the point and avoid a political diatribe. I am just placing blame where blame resides and addressing those who perpetrated the atrocity
the hypocrisy, deceit and intentionally or unintentionally blindsided and brain washed the public. I will briefly identify the flaws and failures of the
Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and the Office of Violence Against Women (OVW) as part of a history that is verifiable:

1.  In 1979, radical feminists decriminalized allegations of domestic violence by instituting a “Civil Restraining Order court process that eventually opened the
floodgates and allowed women to obtain restraining orders without due process. This process was accepted as-is by VAWA in 1994 for obvious reasons and
still is the process promoted by radical feminists, OVW and democrats in general.

 This process is the fatal flaw and the major reason why all the proponents including president elect Biden and Vice President Harris are equally responsible
for the failure of VAWA for the past 2 decades, the billions of wasted tax dollars, and specifically the abandonment and emotional damage to children.
Furthermore, the feminists who helped draft VAWA in 1994 are now calling on Biden and Harris to make a $1 billion annual investment in the 2021
reauthorization of VAWA. If this request is granted it will amount to a yearly U.S. spending of almost 2 billion tax dollars…on failed VAWA programs. The
request for yearly extra billion dollars for VAWA is now apparently part of the Quid Pro Quo between Biden and Harris.

2.  In 1994, President Clinton and then Senator Biden promoted and authorized VAWA as urged and requested by all radical democrat feminists. In the 1998
impeachment of the president, Clinton and Biden’s “quid pro quo” with radical feminists further paved the way for the radical democrats to hijack VAWA and
implement a radical ideology and approach such as an expensive funded study to justify adopting two stellar permanent policies of “100% Arrests and No
Drop”.  Soon after, the 100% arrest study was debunked, OVW changed the policy from “100% Arrests” to “Encourage Arrests”. Many other funded studies to
the tune of billions of dollars were also misleading or skewed.

3.  The 2020 election was an impediment to a fair process because of the change in the mail-in process. Although the process is most likely legal, it allowed
early and extensive voting which became the main reason major debates were eliminated and why the presidential candidates could escape such questions
as, “why did you favor a civil restraining order process for over 2 decades, knowing the lack of due process and that awards to women were made on a better
safe than sorry basis”? Many other questions were likewise ignored by the Biden/Harris duo.


If Biden and Harris do not answer all the questions that were avoided during the election process, we are justified to request their resignation. The damage to
families and children is far too serious and world shattering to allow this catastrophe to remain unchallenged and/or unpunished.


If President Elect Biden and Harris do not resign, they must pledge to reform VAWA and OVW as stated herein.

The “quid pro quo” that Clinton and Biden had with radical feminists led to the hijacking of VAWA and the radicalization of the war on domestic violence in
1998. The “quid pro quo” of the century in 2020 between Biden and Harris will lead to the same disastrous outcome, failing to protect women, men and
especially children. Our children will inherit an unparalleled gender war, a VAWA that believes in “the end justifies the means” and an extremely flawed Civil
Restraining Order process. Either the President and Vice President must resign or sign the pledge to prevent this gender war. Remember the VAWA hijacking
in 1994-1998, the terrible alliance of VAWA and radical feminists and the collateral damage inflicted on our children and their future.

The VAWA and OVW reform needed to correct a grave injustice: Completely rewrite VAWA and dismantle/reconstruct OVW to protect women,
men and most importantly all children from violence and abuse… and reassess the financial cost to ensure success.

If the reform of VAWA/OVW is not imminent: Violence against women, men and especially children will not be eradicated and will remain an epidemic.
Parental alienation will continue unabated. Billions of tax dollars will be spent needlessly. Millions of children will be subjected to abandonment and
emotional damage as well as possible behavioral issues. A presumption of shared parenting law will never be effectively enacted. The legacy
for our children will be the continuance of a destructive gender war with no future.
If you believe in history’s lessons learned and this exposé, stop the massacre. If you do not believe me, do not apologize to me when the bubble bursts
apologize to all the children you have abandoned and whose lives you have scared permanently. This is not a scare tactic; it is an inevitable fact
that has been going on for decades under a hijacked VAWA.