By Robert Leclair

Before you read this short and insightful article ask yourself three questions:

                    1.  Do you believe in God?
                    2.  Do you love your country?

                    3.  Do you believe in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights?

Continue reading this article…it will take less than five minutes of your time. Then, come to your own conclusion, proceed at your own risk, and tell the
world if you agree or disagree. What you will find in this article is a brief but blunt synopsis of evidence-based facts revealed during and after more
than 40 years of research and personal experience.


For more than two decades we have spent billions of tax dollars to support a federal agency mandated to eliminate domestic violence in our country.
The agency has unfortunately failed to accomplish its mission and tragically led us down the perilous path of becoming a nation engaged in a
senseless Gender War. That is evident if you have watched the political warfare in Washington for the past several years.

Is this the legacy we want to saddle our children with? Hopefully, no one does! If so, then the harsh reality is to totally rewrite the Violence Against
Women Act (VAWA), dismantle, and completely restructure the Office of Violence Against Women (OVW) and reform the judiciary that handles
domestic violence in our court system. The reform should reflect a sane and humanitarian approach to protect women, men and especially
children and replace the failed federal approach.


Start with a truthful reality check. The leadership of OVW, the thousands of affiliated nonprofit organizations and Hillary Clinton all voice the same radical
ideology as expressed in the article titled “CALL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE WHAT IT IS .. A CRIME”. The article by Hillary Clinton received national press
coverage in the year 2000.We all agree that the title is verifiably true and that to eliminate domestic violence is a worthy and needed goal.
So why can I say and do say with absolute certainty that it is a true statement but also insidious and hypocritical. Let me put it this way. Hillary is a
smart and savvy lawyer, who once defended a man in a criminal court who had raped a young girl. In that case she showed how well she
understood the court system. Similarly, she also knows very well that 80% of civil Restraining Orders are filed by women alleging a crime of domestic
violence and are granted 99% of the time without due process or the standard of innocent until proven guilty and more often based only on a “Better Safe
than Sorry” approach.
Hillary knows full well that due process is bypassed when granting civil retraining orders and judges have no tools to
determine innocence or guilt. Her article is hypocritical because she knows that all requests for restraining orders allege a crime of domestic violence and
that  the award is granted arbitrarily. Her article is also deceitful because she fails to inform the public that the process in essence “decriminalizes”
the allegation of the crime, thwarting the need to determine the truth. She also failed to inform the public that in 1979 she and numerous radical feminists
fought for and succeeded in passing the civil restraining order law which decriminalized the process and opened the floodgates. Since then and
until now in 2020 millions of women filed for and were granted the restraining orders 99% of the time without due process.

The public was also never informed that the same radical feminists in1994 were instrumental in authorizing the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)
and had no intention of reforming the civil restraining order except to encourage judges to increase the standard punishments for perpetrators.
Hillary’s article after intense scrutiny revealed that it was “riddled with misleading and unsubstantiated information”. Another article should be published

It is apparent from my research that Hillary is not the only politician that implemented this radical ideology. As a matter of fact, most were radical
Democrats that orchestrated the reauthorization of VAWA every 5 years until now in 2020. The primary leaders to authorize VAWA/OVW in 1994 were Bill
Clinton and Joe Biden, including all radical feminist democrats. Joe Biden even boasted of having written VAWA. Most republican politician leaders
offered minor dissention but eventually caved with their arguments. Senator McConnell stated during the 2013 reauthorization process
“We’re all-in favor of the Violence Against Women Act –there’s nothing to fight about.”

The tragedy and the injustices surrounding the VAWA/OVW agency under DOJ is not in the goal of eliminating violence against and abuse of women,
We the public male or female all agree that this mission must succeed. The serious issue of the agency’s failures and the hypocrisy of funding
and touting a false success is embedded in the details of how it conducts this war, its radical feminist ideology, and its radical approach.
We the public are lulled into a false sense of security because we believe the goal and the slogan VAWA is needed but we rarely see how
OVW fights the war that results in severe collateral damage (intended or unintended) and especially how millions of children are emotionally abandoned or


Here are just a few facts that the Office of Violence Against Women never discloses to the public. Bear in mind that these deliberate omissions
are just the tip of the iceberg that can be found on my website “”.

    1.  Emergency restraining orders in most state should be of grave concerns. A random pick of restraining orders in MA for a single year revealed that
out of 50,242 restraining orders there were 12,301 emergency restraining orders issued to plaintiffs based on phone calls by police to a judge.
Approximately 8600 of the orders were vacated because the plaintiffs failed to appear at the scheduled hearings. This failure has been going on for years in
most states. So, where is the congressional oversight committee?

    2.  It is simply amazing that so many differing statistics are published for the same fact. Year after year the national statistic that on average,
more than 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men in the US will experience rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner never changes. The
question is why did these statistic not change when OVW reported to congress that it had reduced domestic violence by 68% over a period
of ten years?

    3.  Do not blame the victim has become such a powerful and touted statement by OVW that even those who make false accusations and/or false by
perception are shielded from blame.

    4.  The US Constitution and due process is the corner stone of our democracy. So, why was this corner stone ignored when the following three
prominent people were accused of a domestic violence crime: former senator Al Franken when denounced by senator Guillebrand resigned,
chief justice Cavanaugh prevailed after a bullish interrogation by Senator Kamela Harris and, long-time Rep. John Conyers resigned
even though Pelosi defended him and insisted that he deserved “due process” during a Meet the Press appearance. There were many others
that suffered the same fate during the recent MeToo movement. Ask yourself the question: When the press coverage concentrated on all the
MeToo cases why did we not hear a word from the VAWA/OVW agency? I was under the impression that it was our tax-funded premier organization
tasked to handle and eliminate domestic violence. It is also ironic that nobody involved in this MeToo movement even mentioned VAWA/OVW or the Civil
Restraining Order process that is awarded based simply on “a better safe than sorry” approach. No senator or member of
congress even mentioned or referred to VAWA/OVW in any media interview for the past several years. The truth is much more on this serious topic
needs investigation and public awareness. Reform of VAWA is necessary and desperately needed.

     5. Barack Obama misses a great opportunity to help black families. Destruction of families and a fatherless generation have left
millions of children abandoned and emotionally impaired in both black and white communities. Press articles report that 72% of black women
have children out of wedlock and no association with the fathers and 41% of white females suffer the same fate. Although the numbers are
disproportionate the results are equally disturbing…a significant number of fatherless children. After Obama became president, he focused his
approach on the black fatherless population, attempting to curb the trend. It was reported that shortly thereafter Al Sharpton convinced Obama to change
his focus and promote the racist card instead. Unfortunately,racism is now paramount in political discussions and controversy…sad
but a historical fact that permeates political feuds. Black and white communities would have been better off if Obama had remained focused on father
deprivation and its adverse effect on children. Did you ever stop to think that the missed opportunity to help solve the father deprivation crises
and associated behavioral problems has resulted in the young adults now participating in the recent riots evil destruction and carnage of human lives?

    6.  A few very wealthy women have financially supported and endorsed #MeToo and the opposition to the Brett Kavanaugh appointment to the
Supreme Court. These cases were resolved without due process but based on credible evidence and/or women must be believed.  The Civil Restraining
Order process (1979 to present) relies on an even more lenient basis…no due process and based on “better safe than sorry” approach,
requiring no evidence whatsoever for all allegation of domestic violence crimes. The process became a no brainer for radical feminist and
democrats, no reform was needed. To this day no radical democrat has ever questioned its validity or fairness.


I am sure that all senators and members of congress are aware of the public’s disgust with the rampant hypocrisy and deceit in Washington politics.
It is also certain that the Senate and Congress will be wanting to know why the following fact has been ignored during the debates covering
the several reauthorizations of VAWA and how it will also be ignored in the upcoming 2020 reauthorization:  MORE WOMEN KILL AND MALTREAT


I am surprised and shocked that no one seems outraged by the 1998 “quid pro quo” between Clinton/Biden and the radical feminists and/or the
2020 between Biden and Harris. The consequences may have been silently ignored or possibly are not apparent. If so, follow the trail as recently
revealed. In 1998 between Clinton/Biden and the radical feminists, one major feminist contributor was Esta Soler, founder and president of Futures
Without Violence. She readily admitted her contributions in support of Biden and VAWA which seemed perfectly normal at the
time. After multiple reauthorizations of VAWA and when Biden became president in 2021, Esta boldly requested in a Futures Without Violence
public email that the Biden/Harris administration increase the annual investment in VAWA by 1 billion dollars. Remains to be seen what the response
will be; however, the increase will most likely be authorized. A Quid Pro Quo often becomes some form of blackmail…follow the money trail! Also,
remain vigilant and follow the 2020 quid pro quo between Biden and Harris…the preview of coming attractions for the future of VAWA will most likely
be dictated and controlled by Kamela Harris. Add another billion to the billions of tax dollars spent by OVW and affiliated nonprofit organizations
and, “pretty soon we will be spending and wasting real money on a failed approach to eliminate violence against women”. Unfortunately, the leadership of the
hijacked VAWA/OVW has dominated the agency and turned it into an organization steeped in power and greed and, focused on empowerment
of women rather than dedicated to eliminating domestic violence.

Nowadays, it pays to have friends in highest places or have great political clout, for whatever reason. Esta Soler’s nonprofit is a clear indication
of what is happening in our country. Many of her emails are a clear indication of political power and clout. Her voice resonates with the radical feminist
ideology and is heavily supported by our tax dollars. Look at her nonprofit’s funding and her own salary and salaries of her executives. Most of the
remaining workers are honest and dedicated personnel who focus on the noble goal of stopping the violence and abuse of women without knowledge of
politics involved or the reasons for the failed approach.

OVW is a prime target for fraudulent claims and lawsuits like that filed against
Florida’s domestic violence nonprofit


The information herein is just the tip of the iceberg. Senators and members of Congress seem clueless as to the workings of VAWA and much less
capable of initiating safeguards and accountability. The #MeToo movement, the priest scandal, and the sexual harassment results of accusations
against many politicians show that VAWA/OVW programs have not had much success and that accountability by Congress is severely
lacking. It is apparent that members of congress lack understanding of the mandated reports on VAWA. How the reports are generated, and their intent
seems also to elude the focus of congressional members. The reports are categorized such that the total picture of how OVW functions
from year-to-year is not  easily discernable…and I would not be surprised if only 5% of members in congress read the reports for

It is no wonder that such issues as (1) the Cavanaugh senate hearings are not part of lessons learned by both parties, (2) due process as part
of our constitution and bill of rights is ignored when it does not suit the intent of those promoting a cause, (3) due process is totally foreign to
believers of the #MeToo movement or those professing to know all about the ramifications of the priest scandal or, (4) the many ignored or untold facets
of the NFL’s handling of the Ray Rice elevator episode. All these separate issues should have sidebar investigations to address significant
but untold collateral damage.


The major flaw that eclipses all other flaws is the “CIVIL RESTRAINNG ORDER” process. From 1979 to 2021 no one has ever questioned the
impact, its effect on the war to eliminate domestic violence or how it adversely affects children. It is such a catastrophic injustice that the Supreme
Court should of its own accord have ruled to reform the process. Why Biden/Harris and all our leaders have ignored this travesty and the role
VAWA played in 1994 is beyond comprehension…the impact is nothing short of child abuse. The process itself has inherent punishments
commensurate with a criminal act without due process and is based on a “better to be safe than sorry” standard, as admitted by many judges and
superior court cases.