By Robert G. Leclair

Forty years of research in the field of domestic violence reveals that the general conclusions included below should
become a top  priority in the United States. Detailed proof and factual information is contained in my book on domestic
violence and divorce. The book will be introduced on this web site and hopefully will be the subject of meaningful and
rational discussions.

The main thrust of my findings shows that protecting women from domestic violence and abuse is a noble and
attainable goal. However, the 1994 Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) introduced and supported by then Senators
Clinton and Biden failed miserably, with no accountability for its lack of success. Had the federal government done its
due diligence it could have determined that the Office for Women (OVW) administered and developed the programs
based on a radical feminist ideology and approach, wasting billions of tax dollars on doomed policies and procedures.
In 2015 as in previous years, press and television articles still label domestic violence as an epidemic. Some experts
even now compare domestic violence to a "plague". Sounds like the wasted money the federal government spent
fighting the war on poverty and the war on drugs!

Cathy Young was absolutely on target when she questioned the validity of the “war on women” as portrayed by radical
feminists  in her book “
Ceasefire!: Why Women and Men Must Join Forces to Achieve True Equality." I believed that  
Young meant to include male politicians like President Obama, VP Biden and most Republicans who promoted and
supported the reauthorization of VAWA in 2013 without measurable safeguards and/or credible proof that the approach
works in eliminating violence against women.

Another major revelation of my research and statistics is that 83% of domestic violence cases are in the form of
allegations handled as complaints requesting  restraining orders in the judicial process. The remaining 17% of domestic
violence cases are those reported in the press and /or TV.  About 99% of the restraining orders sought are granted by
judges and the average number of retraining orders in the U.S. every year is about 2 million. The shear number of
restraining orders granted may be construed as an epidemic but the public is unaware that these restraining orders are
granted like Halloween candy and arbitrarily doled out without due process in a court system that is seriously flawed
and in dire need of total reform.

Unless OVW policies and procedures as well as the judicial process in each state are separately reformed, elimination
of or reduction in violence against women is almost impossible.

                                    THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM IS SO FLAWED THAT IT IS FALSE


My book and its solutions seemingly appear to be a war on women. Don't be fooled, it's an honest and all out attempt
to eliminate violence against women, men and more importantly to prevent violence to and abuse of our children.
Violence is far to prevalent in our society.

VAWA is now attempting to integrate a GLOBAL VAWA  (IVAWA). Such a move would definitely change the dynamics
and statistics of the war to stop the violence against women and would require a greater infusion of tax dollars,
contrary to what supporters say. On a global  level the ratio of abused women would probably go from 1 of 5 to 1 of 3.
How can we resolve the issue globally when VAWA has failed to resolve domestic violence problems in the United
States? I-VAWA is a move similar  to the Global War on Poverty bill that was justifiably
defeated in 2008.
Slippery Slope Mistakes:

The war on drugs was a failure and cost us billions of tax dollars. Drug overdose and suicides is
at an epidemic level and we are paying a heavy cost for drug addicts and babies born addicted.

The 50-year war on poverty did not fare any better. Poverty is still rampant. Thank God that
senators Obama and Biden's bill to eliminate Global Poverty in 2008 never got traction. The cost
probably would have been prohibitive and ineffective. We can't even win the war on poverty in the

After two decades and billions of tax dollars the war to stop violence against women waged under
the banner of VAWA has not had much success. The approach used was taken from the book on
radical feminist ideology. Many of the factors affecting domestic violence  were ignored and
women were not protected. In order to achieve the noble goal of protecting women, the approach
as well as the policies adopted need to be revamped. The judicial system  that handles the
restraining orders must also under go drastic reform. Otherwise, protection of women from
domestic violence is doomed to failure. A restraining order has never prevented  murders,
suicides or physical confrontations and insidious assaults.
All written material, graphic images and Original art work copyrighted 2021 By Robert G. Leclair